COVID-19 Annoucement

COVID-19 Annoucement

Just a quick announcement to let our customers know we are doing our part. These are crazy times, and with people staying at home, the gaming industry is significantly affected. We want our customers to know we are doing our part to help fight this pandemic.

Repair Services:
As of April 20, 2020 we have reinstated all of our repair services for our customers.  We have taken the necessary steps to implement procedures which allow processing repairs safely, and securely.  Feel free to take advantage of our repair services during this time at home.

Part Orders:
We continue to offer high-quality game console parts to gamers of the world. We are taking precautions in order to help fight the spread of the corona virus by packaging your items carefully while wearing protective gear.

With Amazon shutting down their fulfillment service and various advisories that the virus can live on cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours, we want to reassure our customers we DO NOT use a fulfillment service. We house and ship ALL of our inventory in our own facility, and we use brand new boxes. We also carefully process, and quarantine ALL incoming inventory. This eliminates any possibility of the virus spreading through inventory surfaces.

Take Precautions:
Event though we have taken extra steps to help control the spread of the Corona Virus, we cannot control what happens to your package once it leaves our facility. With that said, we encourage our customers to handle their deliveries with care and caution.

Mar 22nd 2020 Jarrett W. Garber

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