PS5? Sony Releases Details on the Next PlayStation

PS5? Sony Releases Details on the Next PlayStation

With all the rumors and announcements from Xbox, we were starting to wonder about plans for Sony’s next console. The PS4 series life cycle is starting to come to and end according to Sony, and our sources at confirm Mark Cerny, the key architect behind the next PlayStation, agrees it is time to start looking to the PS5. But what do we expect? What juicy details can get our mouths watering? Cerny offers just that--details about the next generation PlayStation.

During Cerny’s interview he revealed concrete details about what the next generation PS will bring to the gaming table. An 8-core AMD Ryzen processor and chipset, 8K support, and a speedy Solid State Drive.

The AMD chipset will include technology from the Radeon Navi GPU family with the power of ray-tracing--a Hollywood technique used to bring CGI to the next level. All packed into an all-powerful APU, a CPU and GPU in one.

Even though 8K is not yet widely supported on monitors and TVs, Sony will be sure to have it available for when it does become the next greatest thing. 8K is hard to imagine at this time, but versus 4K it certainly will offer much larger and more detailed textures.

As the gaming industry evolves, games get more complex, larger, and demand more from machines storage and processing. This can have an negative effect on user experience if load times become a hindrance. Cerny sheds light on an SSD specifically designed to be used with the PS which is estimated to be 19-times faster than traditional SSD technology, shredding the possibility of slow load times.

Cerny mentioned several other specific plans and features about the next PS such as “gold standard” audio, possible full backwards compatibility, and (more importantly) the release date, but remained closed-mouthed about any major details.

Sony has officially confirmed they won’t be attending E3 2019, so the release date will most likely not happen this year. However, according to our sources, analysts predict 2020 as being the most realistic release window.


Apr 17th 2019 J. W. Garber

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