Xbox ONE S All Digital May Soon Be Released

Xbox ONE S All Digital May Soon Be Released

Microsoft information has leaked about their plans for the next edition of the Xbox ONE S. Our sources say the console giant plans to release the Xbox ONE S All-Digital Edition sometime in the next month, with preorder available sooner. Style and design of the disc-less gaming system will not vary much, but it will be handsomely bundled with pre-installed games. This very well could be the first of many changes for the future.

According to information discovered by a German website known as, Microsoft plans to release an All-New digital version of the Xbox ONE S a.k.a. “Maverick”. This console will more-or-less be a replica of the current Xbox ONE S--minus the Blu-Ray optical drive slot, and the eject button. The base model will also house a 1TB hard drive--an upgrade from the standard 500GB edition.

Without the optical drive it is clear the Xbox ONE S All Digital Edition will rely completely on downloaded content. Users will be able to purchase games and apps through the Microsoft Store. However, it is rumored it will come with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3 pre-installed. Users also have access to their gaming library from other consoles through their paid monthly subscription respectively.

For a while now we have heard Microsoft and Sony mention their plans to possibly remove the drives from their consoles, but not until now have we seen it. This could mark the first or many changes yet to come for the video game industry which has manufactured and sold games on discs and cartridges for decades.

Dates for the release of “Maverick” have leaked. We (supposedly) have confirmation on a May 7 release date with preorder available April 16. Pricing leaks have also rumored the console to be slightly less than it’s predecessor with pricing targeted at €230 Euros which approximately converts to $260 USD. Since these are European prices they include tax, so US base price could be relatively less.


Apr 16th 2019 J. W. Garber

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