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1. Troubleshooting

Find The Problem

Our professional service to you starts with sharing our knowledge. Our troubleshooting section helps you narrow out those possible "simple fixes"; pin-point the problem, and find the right repair for you!

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2. Repair

We Repair It!

With over 35 years of experience, we possess the knowledge and the equipment to do the job right the first time. We combine certifiable repairs with fast professional service--providing you with an effective, long-lasting repair backed by our personal guarantee!

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3. Game

Get Back To Gaming!

Now that your gaming system is working again, you can Get Back to Gaming, and PLAY 'TIL UR FINGERS BLEED!!!
No, not really. Don't do that.

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Optional D.I.Y. Process


1. Troubleshooting

Find The Problem

You get our same great troubleshooting information to help you pin-point the problem, and find a possible solution.

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2. Repair

You Repair It!

Once you have pin-pointed the problem with our troubleshooting section, we'll recommend what needs to be replaced. You can buy the part you need, and install it!!

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3. You Rock!

You're a Genius!

Now that you have fixed your game system, you can GET BACK TO SAVING THE WORLD!
It's ok to feel like a superhero after fixing your game console--this is normal.

You Cain DEW EET!

Proven Track Record

Our repair services are second to none with high success rates; low failure rates, and above-average warranties. You can buy with confidence knowing your hard-earned money is well invested, and you can expect to get every cent of it in value.

Repair Success Rate:
96% Successful!
Failure Rate (After Repair):
Our Warranties:
6 Months to a Year!
Industry Standard Warranty:
90 Day Warranty
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Welcome to! Our website is one of a kind! Our help & troubleshooting sections are built off of years of experience. Our repair services are some of the most effective services you will find. We combine speedy processing with certifiable repairs and professional service backed by our personal guarantees. Our service, knowledge, and courtesy make us the best solution for ALL your game console repair needs. I want you to buy with confidence knowing your hard-earned money has been well invested.


Jarrett W. Garber, Owner

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Gamers Repair is a HUGE asset for ALL gamers out there!
Mason | Springfield, MO
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Fast, affordable, and VERY professional!
Sophia | Lincoln, NE
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Truly one of the most unique repair services in the country!!
Oliver | Denver, CO
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Chuck Norris | Just Kidding

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Our troubleshooting section offers steps to help you find a possible solution to your problem. It offers the same diagnosis hierarchy we use, and is compiled completely from our own experience. We recommend using it to help narrow out those possible "simple fixes" before you buy one of our repair services.

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repair services


We offer a wide variety of technology repair services, but we are the only repair company who specializes in game console repair.  We provide services which combine certified durable repairs with fast professional service all backed by our personal guarantees.  In just a few short days you could be playing your favorite game again--just like thousands of other gamers!

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Our parts section covers over 6 generations of game consoles.  We only sell High-quality parts that we trust--the same parts we use in our repairs.  Find the part you need, and let us help you conquer your game console break downs!

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