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Gamers Repair is a retail computer sales & service business which specializes in servicing video game consoles.  We provide our customers with a valuable service which includes information about how your console works, how you can take better care of your console, and how you can troubleshoot your console when problems arise as well as any accompanied repair service specifically designed for the problems our customer are experiencing.  We have repaired thousands of game consoles since 2008.  In that time there has been over 10 generations of video gaming systems released, and we have experience with them all.  Our top priority is taking care of our customers.  Whether it be repairing a major error, or just simply helping to find the best solution.  We take pride in our brand, and are very proud of what we do.  We hope you will see the value in our service to you, and take full advantage of it.

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Our History

Gamers Repair (a.k.a. Gamers Repair Shop) was founded in 2008 by it's owner, Jarrett W. Garber.  With the video gaming world becoming very popular, Video Game Consoles such as the Microsoft Xbox 360, and the Sony PlayStation 3 were becoming more popular in consumers homes.  Along with the increase in products being sold came an need for a quality repair service.  Mr. Garber (a computer technician, and pc gamer by heart) took his computer experience and started applying it to game consoles.

grs early stages
Gamers Repair in it's early stages

In it's early stages, Gamers Repair was ran out of a 8 x 14 room from Mr. Garber's house in Columbia, MO.  At this time the ever-so-popular Red Ring of Death error that occurred with the Xbox 360 Phat models was in dire need of a endless fix that would solve the astronomical manufacturing flaw Microsoft had created.  Mr. Garber developed a modification that would solve the RROD error, and would propel the demand of his services to new levels.  Eventually, Garber moved to a larger store frontage to accommodate the expansion.

Today Mr. Garber and his band of masterful drudgers provide a critical service to all gamers.  With their combined experience of over 35 years in the consumer electronics and computer industries, Gamers Repair has serviced over 10,000 video game consoles as well as countless computers, smart phones, tablets, and other technology.  Often called, "Technology Super Heroes," the Gamers Repair team operate out of a top secrete area known only to consumers as "The Tech Layer," and although people know about Mr. Garber, his crew prefer to "fly below the radar" remaining completely anonymous.

grs band of technology superheroes
Gamers Repair Team - Remaining Completely Anonymous

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