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Troubleshooting the Green Screen of Death.


If you turn your Xbox ONE on and it seems to be stuck on the green Xbox ONE boot screen, then you may be experiencing the Green Screen of Death. We have put together several useful troubleshooting steps to help you find a possible solution for your Xbox ONE problem.



If at any point after following this guide you start to experience a blank or black screen (the Black Screen of Death), you should proceed to our Xbox ONE Black Screen of Death Troubleshooting Guide.

Xbox ONE Black Screen of Death Troubleshooting Guide

Step 1: The 10 Minutes of Agony

When the Xbox ONE boots it runs a serious of checks on hardware and firmware to validate the system. This sometimes could take several minutes (up to 10). Power on your Xbox ONE and leave it alone for at least 10 minutes. Sometimes patience is the best solution as electronics can sometimes work things out on their own.

*NOTE: We have let systems boot for longer than 30 minutes before, and they finally resolve the issue.

While you are waiting for the system to boot, listen for abnormal sounds coming from the system such as "clicking" or "ticking" noises. Make sure to be in a quite place as these sounds are sometimes hard to hear. Also make sure your system stays powered on for the entire test. If it turns itself off, you may be experiencing a different problem, or if your system loses power during the test other damage could be done.

Troubleshooting Hint:If you do hear abnormal noises coming from inside the system such as "ticking" or "grinding", the internal hard drive could be defective and you should proceed to Step 4 below. Boot times longer than 10 minutes could indicate a faulty internal hard drive, or a soon-to-be faulty hard drive.


Step 2: Try a Hard Reset

If you have let your system try and boot for at least 10 minutes, and there are no abnormal noises it is now time to try a Hard Reset. This will clear any cache memory that may be “stuck,” and will also reset the network settings.

To perform a Hard Reset, see our guide on How to Hard Reset an Xbox ONE.

If you have performed a Hard Reset and your system is now booting normally, proceed to step 3.
If you are still experiencing the Black Screen of Death, jump to Step 4.


Step 3: Factory Reset

If your console is now booting completely, and seems to be functioning normally again we strongly recommend you perform a Factory Reset with the option to keep your games & apps. This will remedy any other corruptions the Xbox ONE may have in the operating system and help to prevent the Green Screen from returning.

To Factory Reset your system, see our Xbox ONE Factory Reset Guide.

If you are still having problems with your Xbox ONE, proceed to the next step.

Xbox ONE Factory Reset Screen


Step 4: Servicing Your Xbox ONE

If you have completed the previous steps, and are still experiencing the Green Screen of Death, your console requires repair.

At this point you have done all you can from the outside of the system.  Further troubleshooting can be done, but requires the system be disassembled and the individual components be tested. See the Troubleshooting Tips below.

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**PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to disassemble your Xbox ONE system, doing so will void any type of warranty you currently have from the manufacturer or Gamers Repair.

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Troubleshooting Tips:

If you hear "ticking" or "clicking" or even "winding" noises coming from inside your Xbox ONE it could mean the internal hard drive is defective.  The system requires the hard drive to be healthy for it to boot.  At the time of writing this, the hard drive is replaceable but requires intermediate technical skills to complete the process.

We have experienced instances where a system would not boot due to a damaged or defective hard drive connector cable, disc drive data or power cables, or even the ribbon cables connecting to the disc drive board inside the disc drive.  If you take your system apart we recommend checking all the cables, connectors, and ribbon cable pins for damage such as extreme folds/bending, rips or tears, and bent or missing pins.

We have also experienced instances where a system would not boot due to a corrupt or damaged NAND chip on the motherboard.  This chip holds the current firmware, and damage to this chip would cause the firmware installation to become corrupt and could also prevent a new firmware from updating or re-installing.  In this instance it may be more logical just to replace the entire motherboard.

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