PlayStation 4 (PS4) Repair Service

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Current repair completion time is approximately seven (7) business days.


Repair Services You Can Trust!

PS4 Repair done by the Pros! Rock solid repairs performed by Experienced Technicians, and back by our Above-Standard 6-Month Warranty!

  • Great alternative to the manufacturer!
  • Experienced, Professional Technicians
  • Above-Standard 180-Day Warranty!

If you are experiencing problems with your PS4, and are in need of professional repair services, we can help! Luckily we offer an equally-valued alternative to the manufacturer--at a fraction of the cost to you! Our PS4 Repair covers a wide variety of issues, and is offered at a price that leaves the competition grinding their teeth.

Four Easy Repair Steps

Repair Services Simplified!

Our PS4 Repair Service covers a wide variety of problems. To help you select the proper repair, we have combined common PS4 symptoms into four categories below. Select the repair type that best describes the issue(s) you are experiencing. Then select which Ship-To-Us option you would like (description below).

  • Not reading game discs!
  • Not reading any discs!
  • Disc read error codes
  • Disc drive not responding
  • Not accepting discs
  • Not ejecting discs
  • Disc Drive making noises
PS4 hard drive repair
  • Internal Storage Error
  • "Cannot Start" Error
  • Stuck on a black screen
  • System Error Codes
  • Powers on, stays on, displays video, but does not boot
PS4 HDMI Port Repair
  • Pulsing/blinking Blue Light (BLOD - Please select BLOD Repair)
  • White light, but no signal to monitor/TV
  • Powers on, stays on, but no display
  • HDMI port damaged
PS4 No Power Repair
  • Does not power on
  • Powers on, then off

Motherboard Repair/Replacement

This service sets us apart from other repair companies.  We have the ability and resources to repair and/or replace motherboards.  If your PS4's motherboard needs repair, or it needs to be replaced, we are here to help!  Simply select the "Motherboard Replacement" repair option as your repair option above.  Please be aware, this type of repair WILL require a full system reset which will erase all user data on the console's storage.

How do I know if the motherboard needs to be replaced?

In some cases, previous repair attempts have been made, and there is damage done to the motherboard which is beyond fixingWe recommend replacing any motherboard which has had multiple repairs done to it, or even multiple failed repairs done to it.  Every time your system's motherboard is repaired it loses it's sustainability, and the chances of it failing again grow greater!  In our experience, we have also seen instances where replacing the motherboard was a better option versus repairing it.


Ship-To-Us Options

Part of the repair process is getting your console to us. We offer a few simple options for achieving that step. Select which option best fits your needs before adding the repair to your cart.

You Ship Us Your Package

I Got It

With this option, you take care of all the variables involved with shipping your console to us for repair. You find suitable packaging to put your console in, and then purchase shipping from a carrier of your choosing. We do recommend a few guidelines to follow when packaging and shipping your console:

  • Package your console with 2 - 4" of padding
  • HINT: The original box your console came in makes for good packaging
  • Use a box that fits, and has never been shipped before
  • Seal the package with package-rated shipping tape
  • Apply the shipping to the package without folds or creases
  • Buy sufficient insurance
Printable Pre-paid Shipping Label

Pre-paid Label

You have the choice of having us send you a pre-paid shipping label. All you need to do is package your console, print and apply the label to the package, and put it in the mail!

  • Covers boxes up to 16 x 16 x 6
  • Covers package of 10 lbs or less
  • Includes $200 insurance
  • Printable and Emailed
  • **Extra charges apply**
Pre-paid Shipping Package

Repair Package

With the repair package option we send you all the packaging and a pre-paid label. You package your console into the box, apply the label to the outside, and return it to us in the mail! It takes the hassle of finding the right box out of the repair process.

  • We ship you a box for your console
  • You put your console in the provided box
  • You return the package to us
  • No finding boxes that fit
  • No printing shipping labels
  • **Extra charges apply**

Repair Warranty

GRS Repair Warranty!

Full 180-Day Warranty Included!

We stand behind our repairs 100%, and guarantee them for a FULL 180 DAYS from the date of delivery! If the repair fails within the 180 day time period, we will cover the cost to have your console shipped, repaired again, and then shipped back to you!

To learn more about our 180-day warranty, please see our Terms of Service page.



Proven Track Record

Our repair services are second to none with high success rates, low failure rates, and above-average warranties. You can buy with confidence knowing your hard-earned money is well invested, and you can expect to get every cent of it in value.

Repair Success Rate:

98% Successful!

Failure Rate (After Repair):


Our Warranties:

180-Day Warranty!

Industry Standard Warranty:

90 Day Warranty


Personalized Service

Personalized Service

We personalize your repair by assigning it a dedicated repair technician who you can communicate directly with, and who will send you updates on the status of your repair.


Dedicated Repair Tech

Your repair has its own dedicated Repair Technician who you can contact directly through the "repair message wall" any time!


Status Updates

From start to finish we keep you updated on the status of your repair. You can also check the status of your repair anytime online!


Repair Notifications

As your repair progresses, your dedicated Repair Tech will send you step-by-step status updates containing diagnosis and repair information!


Quick Turnaround

We can have your repair completed in as little as 24 - 48 hours of receiving it!**
Repair time may vary depending on several variables. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more information.


FREE Return Shipping!

Your repair includes FREE Return Shipping! We will notify you when your package has been shipped, and provide you will tracking information.


6 Month Warranty

Your repair comes with our Standard 180-Day Guarantee! We guarantee any of the work we do to your console for 6 months!

Gamers Repair Experienced Technician

Experienced Technicians

  • 12 Years of Service
  • Over 18,000 Consoles Repaired
  • 45 Years Combined Experience
  • Certified Procedures
  • Professional Equipment

With 12 plus years in business, we offer a service which you can rely on. Our repair techs have a combined 45 years of experience, and have worked on over 18,000 gaming systems. Our repair process follows a strict certified procedure performed on professional-grade equipment. We possess all the variables to provide you with an effective, long-lasting, certifiable repair delivered by experienced professional service and backed by our personal guarantee!


The repair price paid at the time of checkout ONLY includes repair services, parts, & labor required to repair the initial issue you are claiming. Please read our Terms & Conditions page for more information.

An extra charge will be applied when selecting to have us provide a shipping label.

Repair turn around time varies according to certain variables such as repair load, parts available, and staff. Please read our Terms & Conditions page for more information.

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10 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Benjamin on Jul 31st 2020

    Phenomenal job! Difficult problem. I thought it was just the disk drive, but the whole motherboard needed replacing. They did it all and got me back to gaming. Couldn't be happier with the repair.

  • 5
    PS4 was fixed

    Posted by Daniel Tostado on Jul 24th 2020

    I really appreciate Michael for fixing my PS4 that had a couple of problems from a purchase I bought from offer up. He was constantly messaging me back for anything I was asking and my PS4 came back like new and I am so happy to be back gaming on Playstation again. Thank you gamersrepair and thank you Michael.

  • 5
    Disk drive repair

    Posted by Ron DeSouto II on Jul 16th 2020

    I am amazed how professional and easy this entire Service was. From the prepaid shipping box to the email updates for every step of the process.
    I realize that for the price I might have found a used PS4 on Craig’s list or something but my is the Star Wars special edition and didn’t want to lose it.
    Great company. Great service. Highly recommend

  • 5
    Good fix, fast repair will play tonight finally.

    Posted by Jason Watson on Jun 3rd 2020

    Thank you Jarrett & team.

  • 5
    Ps4 repair

    Posted by daniel nichols on May 27th 2020

    Great service . They got my ps4 back to me asap.

  • 5
    PS4 pro repair

    Posted by Robert Lemieux on Feb 12th 2020

    Amazing work, I'm so happy to have my system back.

  • 5
    PS4 repair service

    Posted by Heather on Dec 26th 2019

    I shipped my console to these guys for repair, it came back in a timely fashion and it has been running beautifully. I would recommend.

  • 5
    Great repair

    Posted by Jordan on Apr 3rd 2019

    The best repair shop will use whenever i have a problem

  • 5
    PS4 repair

    Posted by William Morris on Aug 23rd 2018

    A well done repair that went beyond what i thought it might! Enjoying getting to play with my friends and kids online again.

    If you're having any doubts, dispel them! The guys working at Gamers Repair are pros, and let you know regularly whats going on and how things are.

    Thank you from a disabled father! A+

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