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Troubleshooting Your Xbox ONE's Disc Drive & Disc Read/Load Problems.


If your Xbox ONE is not reading discs; won't load or play discs, or is constantly returning you to the home screen there could be a number of issues causing the problem.  We have put together some troubleshooting steps to help you find the best possible solution. 


Select The Best Scenario

Below are several known issues. Select the issue which best describes your scenario, and use the steps to troubleshoot the problem.

Scenario 1:
My Xbox ONE Makes A "Grinding" Noise or Other Abnormal Noises When I Insert A Disc.

If you insert a disc into your Xbox ONE console and you hear abnormal noises such as "grinding" or "ticking" your console may have an internal hardware problem. You will need to disassemble your Xbox ONE's disc drive and inspect it for obstructions, broken or missing parts, or other possible damage that could be causing the noise.  

**Please Note:  Disassembling your Xbox ONE will void any warranty from the manufacturer or Gamers Repair.

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Scenario 2:
My Xbox ONE is NOT Reading ANY Discs!

If you insert any type of disc (game, blu-ray, etc..), but your Xbox ONE still displays the "insert disc" message, displays an error, or does not respond this could indicate an internal hardware issue with the console. However, in early releases the "Instant-On" power mode was known to cause disc read errors. Here are some things to help you determine if you console needs repair:

!!Please Note!! - If your Xbox ONE only has trouble reading certain discs, please proceed to Scenario 3 below for help.

  1. If you are using "Instant-On" power mode, change the power settings to "Energy Saving" mode. After the settings have been changed, power cycle or restart your console. Here's how to access and change the Power Settings on your Xbox ONE console.
    1. Press the Xbox button (on your controller) to open the guide.
    2. Navigate and select Settings. (settings is the "star" or "gear" looking icon).
    3. Navigate and select All Settings.
    4. Select Power -> Power Mode.
    5. Select the power mode you would like to use (ex. Instant-On or Energy Saving).
    6. After your selection be sure to perform a power cycle or restart of your console. To do this, press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. The console will completely shut off within the 10 seconds. Wait a few seconds, and press the power button again to power the console back on.
  2. Make sure your console has the newest software version installed.  To see your console's current software version or to see the status of the last update, follow these steps:
    1. Select Settings -> All Settings.
    2. Select System -> Updates.  To see when it was last updated, select Latest console update status.
    3. To manually check for updates and install any updates available follow these steps:
      1. With your console connected to the internet, choose setting -> all settings.
      2. Select System -> Updates -> Update console.
      3. If no updates appear available, your console is up to date.
  3. If you have followed the steps above and are still having trouble, your Xbox ONE's disc drive is in need of further inspection or possibly repair.  You will need to disassembly your Xbox ONE drive and inspect it for the following:
    1. Broken or loose parts.
    2. Damaged or torn cables.
    3. Other damage that is abnormal.
  4. If you have not found a possible culprit, or you have found damage to your disc drive it requires repair or replacement.  See our Xbox ONE Disc Drive Repair Solutions below.

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Scenario 3:
My Xbox ONE Reads Some Discs.

If your Xbox ONE loads and plays some discs, but DOES NOT load others or gives an error, here are a few things to try:

  1. Make sure the discs that are not working do not have any heavy scratches, and are clean of other "debris" such as finger prints, dust, and dirt. If the disc is heavily scratched, you may need to replace it or have it repaired.  If you find debris on the disc(s), you can clean them using the following steps:
    1. Clean the disc with a soft, clean cloth.  Always hold the disc by the outer edges without touching the top or bottom surfaces.  
    2. Wipe the surface of the disc from inside to outside all the way around until you have wiped the entire disc surface.
  2. Try using a different Xbox ONE (if possible) to load/play the disc.  If you have access to another console such as a friends or relatives, try the disc in it and see if you get the same results.  If the disc works fine on the second console, your console may need repair.  Try a variety of discs in each console to help you determine if you have a disc problem, or a console problem.  If you determine you have a console problem, see the Xbox ONE Disc Drive Solutions below.

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Scenario 4:
My Xbox ONE Loads the Disc, but Won't Install it!

If your Xbox ONE loads the disc (you can see it on the Home screen), but the installation process stops at (or near) 0% when installing, there may be a problem with adequate storage space; corrupt data, or the internet connection. See the Official Xbox Support Page for troubleshooting this.

If your Xbox ONE accepts the disc into the drive (you are able to insert into the console), but the console still gives you the "Insert Disc" message on the home screen, your console may have an internal hardware problem. See Scenario 2 above for more troubleshooting steps.

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Scenario 5:
My Xbox ONE Game Crashes and Returns to the Home Screen.

If you insert a game into your Xbox ONE and you are able to start playing, the problem is most likely not with the internal disc drive. See Scenario 3 above and follow the steps to ensure your game disc is free of any debris that would keep it from being read. You may also be able to find a possible solution with the Official Xbox Support Game Freeze Page.

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Scenario 6:
My Xbox ONE is NOT Ejecting Discs!

If you insert a disc into your Xbox ONE and now it is not ejecting it, you can easily retrieve the disc by manually ejecting it. See our Xbox ONE Manual Eject Guide for steps on how to manually eject your disc.

After you retrieve the disc, power cycle your Xbox ONE system and retry inserting and eject the disc to see if the problem has been resolved.  To power cycle your Xbox ONE simply power the system off, wait a few seconds, and then power it back on again.

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Scenario 7:
My Xbox ONE is NOT Accepting Discs!

If insert a disc into your Xbox ONE but it does not respond and pull the disc into the disc drive, you most likely have an internal hardware problem.  To troubleshoot this further you will need to disassemble your Xbox ONE console.

!!Please Note!! - Disassembling your Xbox ONE console will void any warranty you may have with the manufacturer, or Gamers Repair.

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Troubleshooting Tips:

Disassemble your Xbox ONE console just enough to access the internal disc drive.  Further steps may require the removal and disassembly of the disc drive also.

  1. Inspect the disc drive Data and Power cables for damage.  If the cables are tore or have any signs of damage (broken cable, connector, or pins) replace the cables.  Replace the cables if there is any suspicion of them being the problem.  Most of the time this is a hit-and-miss scenario meaning you will not know if the cables are the problem until you have a replacement set in place.  This step is actually inexpensive as the cables are cheap, and we recommend narrowing out the cables first since they supply power and data transfer back and forth from the motherboard.  The cable set can be purchased directly from our Parts Section here:  Xbox ONE Disc Drive Data & Power Cables
  2. Once you have the Data & Power cables narrowed out you can move on to the internal components of the disc drive.  Inspect the internal components of the internal disc drive for:
    1. Damaged or missing/loose parts
    2. Loose or tore cables.
    3. Damaged ribbon cable ends (bend pins, tore ends, etc.)
  3. If you have followed the troubleshooting steps above and are still having trouble, your disc drive needs to be replaced.  You can buy a replacement directly from our Parts Section.  Be sure to buy the correct model number or a compatible replacement in order for the drive to work in your system.

!!Please Note!! - If you replace your disc drive and your system still does not accept discs, there is a problem with the circuitry in the drive PCB (circuit board), and it will need to be replaced.  Unfortunately, the drive PCB and the motherboard are "married" and in order to replace the drive PCB, you will also need to replace the motherboard.  Motherboard & PCB sets are available in or Part Section.  Be sure to match the motherboard model number which can be found on the white sticker in the front-left corner of the motherboard.

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